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Stripping and Waxing VCT and LVT - Orlando / Central FL

Waxes and coatings give floors a temporary shine, but over time, these coatings can turn yellow, become scratched, turn dull, and attract dirt. Some companies strip away coatings, but fail to remove coatings entirely, resulting in an unsightly buildup. If your floors need professional attention that goes above and beyond that of your typical on-staff maintenance person or cleaning or janitorial service, contact 1A Professional Cleaning Services. Our technicians undergo extensive training and know how to achieve the desired results. We provide specialized commercial floor stripping and re-waxing services so your hard surfaces can have a beautifully reflective, like-new appearance. 


Floor STripping and Waxing Service Overview


We use a professional floor scrubber, as well as hand tools if needed, to completely remove any trace of old wax, dirt, debris, and contaminants. We mask and protect surfaces surrounding our work area and apply the proper number of coats for your particular type of floor. Our high-performance wax restores the shine and luster to your floors. 

Popular Stripping and Waxing Questions

Waxing and coating VCT provides a layer of protection between abrasive damage and the flooring itself. Once this protective layer shows signs of wear, it should be stripped off and reapplied. If this does not happen, then the abrasive damage will eventually work its way into the flooring, causing irreparable damage.

Unfortunately, LVT flooring is often sold under the premise that it will never need to be coated. If LVT floors are perfectly maintained, they might reach their expected life cycle. But perfect maintenance practices, including regular professional cleaning, are rarely implemented from start to finish. Very high traffic areas, even if they are perfectly maintained, usually end up needing some refinishing.

Yes. We can determine, based on the level of traffic your flooring sees, how often your floors should be stripped and rewaxed. Then, we can create a series of regularly scheduled dates and times that work well with your schedule to minimize interruption to your normal routine. With regularly scheduled floor maintenance, you’ll never have to worry about irreparable damage from foot traffic, and your floors will continuously look fresh and inviting. 

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Absolutely awesome company....great work done.

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